Tallahassee, FL, United States



Philip Stuart
Florida State Trooper, Retired
Forensics Expert Witness at Trial, Retired
Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Inactive
Traffic Operations Engineer, Retired
Registered Traffic Safety Engineer, CA, Inactive
Teen /Juvenile Court Volunteer​



A graphic Traffic Safety Tour provided to teenage drivers, parents and family of teenage drivers.

During my years as a Florida State Trooper and State Court Qualified Forensics Expert Witness at Trial, I became all too familiar with the absolute devastation of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) traffic crashes. Which, for good reason, are no longer referred to as traffic accidents. It is my sincere belief Teenage Drivers can be reached using the correct method to allow our teens a better understanding of the consequences of bad decisions when operating a motor vehicle. With emphasis on Distracted Driving & Drinking and Driving.

The recent local tragedy which took the life of a local 14 year old girl in a DUI Traffic Crash has awakened within me the inspiration to “do something about it.”

That something is in providing a community service to take action in establishing a Blitzkrieg type offensive of graphic illustrations to the very individuals this DUI problem must be focused upon. And they are our High School and Middle School Pupils. I will begin by taking this project to our local communities and then quickly expand throughout the State of Florida and ultimately Nation Wide. Teenage children, as are most young adults, and I will submit, all of us really, are very visual beings, especially guys. But lets for now stay with teenagers. Teenage girls, again, for the most part, are able to read a text and come away with a fairly clear understanding of that which they have read.. Boys on the other hand, might require a little more study. However if our teenage boy can see something, well that is a terrific advantage to him. If a teenage boy or girl can experience something “hands on”, a science project at a university science lab for example, well, that is far and away better than hearing or reading about that science project.    

Accordingly, I have put together the above referenced safety tour offensive that I shall take into our Public and Private high schools where our teenage drivers reside, and our Public and Private middle schools where our soon-to-be teenage drivers reside. I will also take this project into Community Centers, Junior League Sporting Events, Local Parks, and Churches; anywhere I am able to reach Teenage Drivers and the Parents of Teenage Drivers. It is the Parents that receive what I refer to, as the….

“2nd IMPAACT” (Informing More Parents About Auto Crash Tragedies) when the family is Notified their Child has just been KILLED in a Traffic Crash. …A notification from which a parent can never, ever, fully recover.

My Safety program will include placing severely damaged vehicles on school grounds so that young and impressionable Teenagers will have an every day close-up and vivid reference of how a once fine and beautiful 3000+ pound vehicle is reduced to a mangled and twisted heap of metal in an instant! To show how the metal had to be cut away in order to retrieve, as much as possible, the terribly mangled and twisted bodies inside. I will also include as part of this traffic safety tour, graphic illustrations of emergency room video as well as dash-cam and news outlet video of actual case histories. I will invite visiting, and all too willing, Mothers and Fathers as speakers to provide their own personal statements as parents of Teenage Children Killed in DUI Traffic Crashes. I plan to work with various traffic safety study and research entities such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) et al, that Teenage pupils might have an opportunity to witness first hand actual crash tests. At minimum, I will show video of NHTSA testing.  

IMPAACT has garnered much community support, and not so surprisingly, the support of Parents of Children Killed in vehicle crashes.     


Informing More Pupils About Auto Crash Tragedies